Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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Charles Frederick Howard

Chairman of Kearsley Urban District Council: 1922-26 (Conservative)

Born:  c. 1857

Died:  20 March 1939

Headmaster of St John's Farnworth and Kearsley Parish School for 38 years. Also taught at St John's Manchester and the Seedley Commercial Board School, Salford. He came to St John's in 1881 as Assistant Head and in 1887 was appointed Headmaster.

He was a member of the Council for 15 years.

County Magistrate, appointed 1926.

He was Chairman of the Finance Committee and the first Chairman of the Housing Committee. He was also a member of the Manchester and District Joint Town Planning Committee. An Avenue on the Kearsley Clifton Street Estate is named after him.

He was Kearsley Council's representative on the Local Elementary Education Sub-Committee, a member of the Board of Governors of Farnworth Grammar School and a representative Manager of the Outwood and Kearsley Council School. 

He was Chairman of the Kearsley Area Elementary Education Committee.

He was on the King's Roll Committee and was a Trustee of the Henry Mather's Foundation

Secretary of the Farnworth Teachers Association and a member of the Bolton District Teachers Association.

At his school he inaugurated a special class for half-timers which made a wonderful difference to their work. He was also an advocate of smaller classes and was a keen supporter of the introduction of swimming into the local curriculum. Even before it was introduced, he took boys to the baths after school and taught them to swim. The result was that St John's won the Alf Darbyshire Shield for swimming almost every year.

Anglican - he was a Sunday School teacher and Superintendent and a member of the Church Council. He was also a member of the Farnworth Parish Church Mutual Improvement Society, presiding at lectures and being involved in the annual holidays organized by the society.

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