Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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John Hindley

Chairman of Farnworth Local Board: 1868-69 (Conservative)

Born: Farnworth c. 1812

Died: Ansdell, St Annes on Sea, Lancashire 7 June 1891

Master Cotton Spinner.

Son of James Hindley, Lane End Farm, Highfield.

He worked at Lords Mill at Clammerclough and then as a finisher at Thomas Crosses mill in King Street. He then went into business on his own, making fustians in a property at Albert Road and then built Duckshaw Mill in Harrowby Road with his brother Peter Hindley. Further premises were built in Cawdor Street. Another brother, Thomas Hindley, was a partner in the firm of Topp and Hindley.

He was elected to the Local Board at its formation in 1863 and served for  20 years.  At the first meeting he was appointed to the Lighting, Scavenging, Paving and Sewering Committees.

He was one of the deputation appointed to wait on Mr Thomas Barnes to ascertain the terms on which the park would be given to the town. He was later Chairman of the Parks Committee.

When elected  Chairman he said "policy should be retrenchment and that whilst what was necessary should be done, the work should be accomplished in the cheapest way consistently with doing it well".

During his year of office he did not miss a single meeting.

He resigned in 1884, having moved to Lytham St Annes.

He was also, as Vice Chairman, one of the most active members of the  Relief Committee formed during the Cotton Famine of 1861-65. 

He was also executor of the firm J & J Hardman in Longcauseway.

Wesleyan - He was influential in the erection of the Church Street Wesleyan Chapel and his father and brothers were also ardent workers. He was a Trustee for the Church Street, New Bury and Moses Gate Chapels and on moving to Lytham attended the Wesleyan Church there.

Before retiring he lived at Milton Villas, Bolton Road, Farnworth.

His first wife was Mary Partington. His second wife and widow was Elizabeth Lawton, daughter of William Lawton, an agent for the Bridgewater Trust.

He was described as "a quiet man, with a long connection with the government of the town, and one of  Farnworth's most prominent men".

One of his sons, James Arthur Hindley, was drowned on 8 August 1887 whilst bathing at St Annes.

Hindley Family Tree • pdf


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