Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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James Eckersley

Chairman of Kearsley Urban District Council: 1952-53 (Labour)

Born: Farnworth c. 1887

Educated: St John's School, Kearsley

When he left school he began work at the Irwell Bank Spinning Mill, Prestolee. Apart from 4 years active service in the First World War he worked there until 1939 when cotton work was slack.

During the Second World War he served in Civil Defence. He also took an engineering course and from 1941 worked as a turner for Edward Brothers (Tippers) Ltd, Bolton.

He joined the Labour Party after the First World War and served on the local party's Divisional Executive.

He fought four elections before being returned for the West Ward.

He was Chairman of the Finance and Establishment and Parks and Recreation Grounds Committees.

In his first speech as Chairman he said "It is a matter of regret to me that so many of our people in the cotton industry are not fully employed and I hope that full employment will soon be restored."

He also said that he would like to "see the completion and opening this year of the new secondary modern school at Kearsley which will greatly benefit children here and alleviate conditions in other schools." It was completed in 1953.

He retired from the Council in 1954 after 8 years service, "on medical advice, not because he had lost interest."

He was a delegate on the local Trades Council and a member of the Executive of Farnworth branch of the Textile Warehousemen's Association.
Committee member at Farnworth and Kearsley Labour Club.

School Manager - St John's.

Anglican - he worshipped at St John's Church. He was a former choirboy and member of the junior men's class when it was 200 strong. He played billiards for the Church House team, cricket for Ringley Wesleyans and was Secretary of Church House Football Club.



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