Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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Thomas Bramwell

Chairman of Little Lever Urban District Council: 1897-1903 (Conservative)

Born: Little Lever 1853

Died: Little Lever 6 July 1908

Mill manager for Eli Dyson & Co of Victoria Mill, Farnworth and Brookhouse Mill, Little Hulton.

Represented Ladyshore Ward.

Chairman of the Finance Committee.

He was a member of the Kearsley Area Education Committee and manager of two Little Lever schools.

He successfully opposed the Bury Water Bill and the formation of a Joint Water Board.

He was a supporter of Little Lever Cricket Club and local football clubs.

He was a great believer in the baths at Farnworth (opened 1893) and for two seasons paid the subscriptions of all the young people employed at Dyson's Mill who would join the swimming club.

Anglican - he was secretary of St Matthew's Sunday School as well as a teacher. He was also at various times Choirmaster, Sidesman, and Churchwarden.

His obituary in the Farnworth Journal stated that "he was a consistent advocate of all sanitary improvements, of clean and well lit streets, open spaces, spending freely on evening classes and all that would help to make the lives of those in the village healthier and happier."

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