Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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Harrison Blair

Chairman of Kearsley Local Board: 1865-68

Born: c. 1812

Died: Peel Hall, Little Hulton, Lancashire 16 January 1870

First Chairman of Kearsley Local Board.

Manufacturing Chemist - proprietor of the Vitriol Works on Moss Lane, Kearsley.

He inherited the Mill Hill bleachworks with his brother - Stephen Blair, Mayor of Bolton 1845-46 - on the death of the founder of the firm, their father, George Blair, in 1826.

The partnership with his brother was dissolved in 1843 - Stephen Blair taking full control of the Mill Hill bleachworks and Harrison concentrating on chemical production in Kearsley.

One of the founders of Farnworth and Kearsley Gas Works and for many years Chairman of the Board of Directors there.

Magistrate from 1850.

His wife was instrumental in the establishment of the Workshops for the Blind in Bolton.

Prominent Freemason.

Anglican - gave financial support to the building of St John the Baptist Mission and School at Dunkirk, Little Hulton and to St Stephen's School, Kearsley. Along with his brother he gave money towards the building of a new church at St Stephen's, which, also like his brother, he did not live long enough to see completed.

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