Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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The Festival Hall Corridor

CorridorThe Corridor between the Hall of Remembrance and the Festival Hall is home to several portraits of early Mayors of Bolton along with four fine Victorian marble busts of local worthies.

The busts were originally located in the main entrance to the Town Hall before it became the Hall of Remembrance.


Click for larger image William Nicholson (1825-1915) Mayor of Bolton 1891-94, 1898, 1898-99, 1901.

Marble bust by Carl Albetill.

Purchased by subscription and unveiled on 7 September 1894.

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Click for larger image John Kynaston Cross (1832-1887) MP for Bolton 1874-1885, Under-Secretary of State for India 1883–1885.

Marble bust by Edgar George Papworth Jnr.

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Click for larger image Samuel Pope QC (1826-1901) Recorder of Bolton 1869-1901. He also greeted the Prince and Princess of Wales at the 1873 Town Hall opening ceremony.

Marble bust by Joseph William Swynnerton.

The piece was donated to the Council by Pope’s nephew and unveiled on 5 June 1935.

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Click for larger image James Fraser (1818-1885) Lord Bishop of Manchester 1870-1885.

Marble bust by John Warrington Wood.

Unveiled on 29 February 1888.

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Roll of Honour

A debt of honour...

Bolton Council has undertaken to take care of any Bolton War Memorial or Roll of Honour that loses its original home. A few beautiful examples, such as the Bolton Corporation Sewage Department Roll of Honour (above), and that for the Bolton Grand Division of the Order of the Sons of Temperance (below) are displayed on these walls.

Sons of Temperance



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