Links in a Chain - the Mayors of Bolton
Links in a Chain - The Mayors of Bolton
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The Blue Room

Blue RoomOriginally the Mayor's Reception Room, the Blue Room is positioned directly beneath the clock tower and above the Hall of Remembrance. The window is tucked under the portico, giving a view over the steps across Victoria Square.

The room was used for a while as an office for the Leader of the Council but has now reverted to its intended function as a more intimate reception room for visiting dignitaries and as an ante-room to the adjoining Reception Room proper.

Furnished with elegant satinwood chairs and tables, the Blue Room's most striking feature is a beautifully decorated double height ceiling.


Click for larger image Ceiling of the Blue Room.

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Click for larger image Ceiling of the Blue Room.

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Click for larger image Entrance to the Blue Room from inside.

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Click for larger image Detail of the Blue Room showing 1890 Arms of Bolton and Elephant with the 1890 'Coventry' green and red mantling and twin tower castle.

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Blue Room Mirror

Late guests...

The 1890 Arms of Bolton are late additions to the arches above the entrance and the fireplace mirror, while the 1890 model elephant and bishop's mitre appear in the decoration below the ceiling.



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